Welcome to the Corporate Surf Life Support Course


“Business should be like surfing”

Are you representing a company from the life industry and looking for an inspiring event for your team?

Paddle out with us, become one with the elements, find new horizons and vision. Surfing Medicine International will take you and your team on a journey filled with knowledge, experience, sport and awareness; indulging but challenging. Team-building at its best, opening new horizons, boosting focus and deepening insight.

“Centuries of experience”

The SMI crew is built of every health and medical specialty there is. With a cumulative experience of hundreds of years, only our inner circle has written a wast ammount of related statements, scientific papers and publications. Enforced by a crew of professionals from every aspect of life we can deliver what we envision. Blessed by a worldwide network we are  proud to have a global insight and peerless opinion.

“Team building and highly motivational”

Ever wondered how the SMI manages to keep a team of dozens core volunteers working and stoked for almost a decade. Learn our communication strategies and motivational hacks. Get a deeper insight in your personal issues and dive deep into group dynamics with proven techniques like systemic constellation, among others.

“Living precision medicine”

Ever wondered where health and life sciences is developing to? At the CSLS we share our passion for solutions with you, our experience of implementing solutions into precision medicine.

“One of a kind”

Every CSLS course is custom made and “One of a kind”. The CSLS team and the entire course will be designed specifically for your needs, company and your adventure with us.




“Evolving together”