ASLS Video Tutorials

On this page you can find video tutorials to watch in preparation for the ASLS course.

  • Patient Assessment
  • Rescue – Conscious victim
  • Rescue – Unconscious victim /w Shortboard
  • Rescue – Unconscious victim /w Longboard
  • Rips & Currents

All of those topics will again be explained and thoroughly practiced during the ASLS course itself. These videos might give you a head start, though. Enjoy!


Patient Assessment

Learn about the peculiarities of patient assessment in an outdoor or aquatic setting. This how we do it during the ASLS course. Watch and get detailed infos on how to perform a proper primary survey, among others. (Just here for the DR.MARCH demo? Fast forward to 03 m 08 sec.)


Rescue – Conscious Victim

A technique to rescue a conscious victim with a surfboard.


Rescue – Unconscious, Shortboard

A technique to rescue an unconscious victim with a Shortboard.


Rescue – Unconscious, Longboard

A technique to rescue an unconscious victim with a Longboard.


Rip Currents

What every waterman and woman needs to know about rips & currents, presented by legend Tim Jones.



Um…. so, you’re still here? You want more? So do we. Can’t wait to meet you during the next ASLS course.