Grow at one of our live events. Add to your knowledge and get trained in water and medical skills. Certified events for surfers, venues and health professionals.






Surf Life Support

No matter what your previous first aid background is – we got you covered. Surf Life Support™ provides tailor-made courses for surfers, health professionals. surf schools, or whatever you love about the ocean.

With years of experience in teaching, health and surfing our Surf Life Support™ team is proud to provide the globally leading course in Surf First Aid. We have tailor-made formats for everyone:

Note: Due to the current situation with COVID-19 only a few selected live events are planned by SMI for the next months.
The next ASLS course is scheduled for 10th-17th October 2021. Would you like to be the first to know about new events? Sign up for the SMI Newsletter below!


World Conference in Surfing Medicine

Meet likeminded surfing health and medicine enthusiast during this yearly  during this yearly three-day event.

On the coming WCSM2021 learn about topics such as event management, training and conditioning, performance psychology, nutrition and anti-doping regulation, injury prevention, local and environmental hazards – e.g. marine envenomation, and gender-specific health needs. In addition, core Surfing Medicine topics such as drowning prevention and pre-hospital response will be examined.

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WCSM 2021




Live Online Events.

Live webinars are a unique way of growing your knowledge and connections with likeminded surfers and professionals. Those webinars are exclusive to registered members of the SMI affiliate programme. 

In the future we will also make past webinars available for registered affiliates for later viewing.

Signed up members of the SMI affiliate programme are currently informed exclusively by email on upcoming live webinars.

Log in with as an affiliate to see a list of all past webinars and watch them whenever it suits you.

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Other Live Events

Surfing Medicine International gives back to the surfing community with short liver everyone events since 2014. Informants like “Surfer’s Academy”. The events are made to learn together, to get hands-on training on basic techniques and to connect surfers with professionals in training, health care, environmental topics, among other. 

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 no further real-life events are planned by SMI for 2020. The next events are scheduled for 2021. Would you like to be the first to know when and where? Sign up for the SMI Newsletter below!

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