Dr. Till Geimer (Germany)

Dr. Till Geimer (Germany)

Podcast about protection against UVR-related skin diseases – Podcast by Till Geimer

These days, a lot of surfers escape winter in Europe and head to the summers in Australia, Indo and other warmer places on our planet. The fight against skin cancer, such as melanoma, still goes on, especially in countries near the equator. The protection of your skin and eyes from excessive exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation (UVR) is a serious theme to think about when you surf. UVR is an important cancerogen which will lead to the formation of free radicals within the skin.

Podcast about protection against UVR-related skin diseases – Podcast by Till Geimer from The EASD on Vimeo.

The incidence of melanoma is alarmingly increasing over the last decades (1:600 in 1960 compared to 1:53 in 2006), while non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC) make up the most frequent tumours in humans. This is partly related to changes in leisure behaviour, i.e. today more people than ever are engaging in aquatic sports with high UVR exposure such as surfing.

Our skin is the core organ which needs to be protected when it comes to surfing.

Surfers are a population who are at risk for the development of non-melanoma and melanoma skin cancer.

Rip that wave, not your skin!

In September the next EASD-conference will be held. At the last conference in 2013 in Sagres, Portugal, Dr. Till Geimer, Dermatologist at the University of Munich gave a lecture on UVR-related skin diseases. A resume of that lectures is now available as a podcast, were Dr. Geimer discusses subjects such as the relation of surfing and skin cancer, and gives us evidence based, surfer tailored tips on adequate UVR protection.

Conference speakers 2013

Conference speakers 2013

So, if you could not make last conference, here is a great summary on this important subject concerning every surfer. In the near future Dr. Geimer will be giving us a more detailed insight into the subject of UVR-protection in his next podcast.

‘March against Melanoma’

On the second of March, there will be a special event, ‘March against Melanoma’, directed by Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc. who organize a march to take steps towards the prevention of melanoma. This Melbourne-based initiative was set up to help raise awareness about melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer.

The money that was raised in previous years went to research on skin changes in youth, melanoma and on a more surfer-related topic: the analyses of the effects of occupational sunlight exposure in the development of non-melanoma skin cancers in the Australian population. Take a look on their website or join the march if you’re in the neighbourhood for a surf session!  http://www.skincancer.asn.au/campaign/1/march-against-melanoma-2014

To conclude, watch your skin and eyes closely if you escape the European winter, and of course:

Enjoy the surf and the sound waves of our podcast to keep you up to date in UV protection!


Podcast by Dr. Till Geimer


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