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SURFER’S ACADEMY 13th September Sligo, West Coast Ireland

The Surfer’s Academy marks the beginning of the EASD’s Outreach Program – translating our vision of “Keeping the Surfer Healthy and Safe”.

We’ve always been there in the line-up. So we figure it’s time to drop-in and give something back. The Surfer’s Academy, the first event of its kind anywhere, is a full-day open Health Symposium for Surfers on surfing safe and staying healthy into your twilight years.

After the 3rd Annual Conference in Surfing Medicine, on 13 th September experts in Surfing Medicine from all over the world will gather to inform the surfers!

Join leading Experts in: Eye, Ear, Mind, Nutrition, Shoulder/Major-Joints, Lifeguarding, Big Wave Rescue – you name it, we’ve got them – let them take you through what you need to know and how to get the best from your surfing.

Irish Big Wave Legend, Peter Conroy will lecture on Big Wave Surfing and Rescue. Miguel Moreira, Professor in Human Kinetics/Surf Science will lecture on training and performance in Surfing. Psychiatrist, Greg Dillon from New York will present in the theme country soul, on mental health!

Besides an amazing symposium the Irish West Coast has world-class breaks to offer!! Two great reasons to organise your surf trip to Ireland!

Ticket price for the academy is 25 Euro

See the preliminary programme here

 Apply here

*At the Surfer’s Academy on the 13th of September all medical conference attendees are welcome to join, but as our aim this day is to inform the surfer to keep the “surfer healthy and safe”, surfers that register have priority in seating themselves in the conference room. We will arrange TV screens with live broadcast from the conference room(same building) and seating outside of the conference room if needed if the capacity of the conference room is met. 

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