Our scientific line-up is on its way to Ireland too …

In our Poster Presentation session, part of the evening programme on Day 2 (11th September) of Conference 2014, you’ll hear about recent findings in a range of surf-related scientific research.

The 2nd Annual Conference Surfing Medicine2-5 October 2013, SagrResearchers from the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, USA, and Ireland will share their expertise with us on interesting and varied topics, including Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding as therapy in Stroke, Injury Patterns and Security in leisure time surfing activities, and the low-down on Surfing during Pregnancy.

Furthermore, we’ll find out about perceptual training methods in surfing and listen to interesting case reports on traumatic leash-inflicted injury with consequent finger fracture.

The abstract submission deadline is the 1st August 2014. If you are interested in submitting your scientific research for poster presentation at the upcoming Conference, Email: science@surfingdoctorseurope.com

Check out these snaps from previous years … Feel the Stoke!

The 2nd Annual Conference Surfing Medicine The 2nd Annual Conference Surfing Medicine2-5 October 2013, Sagr

Awesome prizes were up for grabs then … and the same applies in 2014 as well.

Meet the Experts!

The 2nd Annual Conference Surfing Medicine

Also, a conference favourite every year is the “Meet the Experts” session. This is a chance for you to rub shoulders with the Conference Speakers in a relaxed and informal way.

You know that burning question you didn’t ask after the last lecture?

Well, now is the opportunity to ask!

“Meet the Experts” allows you unbridled access to top specialists to discuss the evidence-base or simply shoot-the-breeze about tomorrow’s early morning session.

So don’t hesitate, let’s drop-in and surf the science wave together in Ireland.

Register Now before it’s too late!

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