Dear Surfing Doctors,

As you may have seen, the world is showing our program for the second conference on Surfing Medicine in Sagres later this year. From Portugal to Italy, and even the ASP shared the official announcement.

In the coming weeks we will publish some nice articles, updates, and interviews related to the conference. Please keep an eye on the website if you would like to be informed about key note speakers for instance.

Furthermore, we started spreading the conference program highlights on flyer and poster at the hypothermia conference in Zeeland, the Netherlands last week, as well as in the Hague, as you can see on the picture. We would like to ask our members to do the same. So please download the promotion material and send it to your friends via social media or email, and print it out to put it on the walls and windows of your local hospital, ER dept., and OR/OT complex.

Take a picture of you spreading the word and send it to us if you like your photo to go global!


See you in Sagres!

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