Dr. Karina Oliani (Brazil)

Dr. Karina Oliani (Brazil)

Extreme Environments, Expedition Medicine, Survival, Preparation, Risk Management

Dr. Karina Oliani currently is the president for ABMAR, the Brazilian Wilderness Medicine and Adventure Sports Society, which is based in São Paulo. The main goal of this Society is to teach and spread the concept and promote scientific production of expedition and remote medicine in the main Brazilian universities.

She graduated from Fundação Medicina do ABC in 2007, has a Masters in Nutriology. Karina finished her Fellowship with the Wilderness Medical Society on January 19, 2011. She is a medical counsellor for SOBRASA, the Brazilian Water and Surf Rescue Association.



Since her childhood Karina has been fascinated by outdoor sports and adrenaline. Her quest for adventure took Karina to climb 4 out of the 7 world’s highest summits including Everest. Tow in Surfed in Hawaii. Karina has dived with Great White Sharks without a cage, has kayaked many Class IV and V rivers, and has always loved surfing. She has also been a Scuba Dive Instructor for PADI since 2002. Karina is a helicopter pilot with the full certification for Aeromedical Retrieval.

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Karina is extensively involved in her Extreme Sports Series and Expedition Documentaries for the most viewed TV Channels in Brazil from Rede Globo/ Globosat. Next year she will be starring her Medical/ Survivor New Series for Discovery Channel.

As a volunteer Doctor, Karina has been sailing for weeks aboard a hospital-boat in the Amazon affluents, has been to Rwanda on a project called Cure Blindness, and in many other remote areas of the world.

During the 3rd Annual Conference of Surfing Medicine, dr Karina Oliani will lecture on expedition medicine related to the Surfers environment.


Click here for more information about the 3rd Annual Conference Surfing Medicine


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