Dr. Michael C. Jaeger Wanscher


Dr. Wanscher (Denmark)

Dr. Wanscher (Denmark)










Hypothermic Cardiac Arrest, Drowning, Leadership, Retrieval Medicine, Multi-casualty incident

MD, PhD, Anaesthesiologist-Intensivist, Clinical Director, Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark

We are very honoured to present one of our keynote speakers, Michael Wanscher, who will share his experiences from the “Dragon Boat incident”, where a boat capsized and 15 healthy individuals were immersed in 2 degree Celcius salt water. The 7 young adults were simultaneously treated for a hypothermic cardiac arrest. The pre-and in-hospital dynamics in this crisis operation where overwhelming. The sequence of events on that day, and thereafter will be presented with a focus on the pre-hospital management. The importance of leadership, teamwork and good communications to the EMS and surrounding hospitals will be illustrated by this impressive multiple casualty accident.

See here the article presented in the Journal of Resuscitation 2012



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