Conference Speaker Sagres 2013 – Onno ten Berge MD, PhD, Dermatologist

Lecture – (Tropical) skin infections

Onno ten Berge

Onno ten Berge was born 26 March 1978 in Utrecht. After finishing grammar school at the Stedelijk Gymnasium Utrecht, he started studying medicine at the Utrecht University. During a scientific elective period at the dermatology department of the University Medical Centre Utrecht in 2005 he started doing research on UV related dermatologic problems. This work finally resulted in a thesis.

In 2008 he started his dermatological residency at the department of dermatology of the UMC Utrecht. In 2013 He started working at the Gelre Hospital in Zutphen as a general dermatologist with special interests in dermato-oncology, dermatosurgery and UV related dermatology.

Spending his free time in Dutch mushy waves for over  10 years, he is passionate about all surf related medicine.


Conference Speaker Sagres 2013 – Till Geimer, MD, Dermatology

Lecture – The surfer`s skin: UV- related skin disease. Aetiology, therapy and prevention

Till Geimer

Till Geimer is  a resident in the Department of Dermatology and Allergology at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, Germany. In this department, being one of the largest Dermatology departments in the world, health care with respect to cutaneous diseases is provided for large parts of southern Germany as well as for parts of Austria.

After having completed  3 years of training in general dermatology as well as an internship in an outpatient center for Moh`s Micrographic surgery in Miami, FL, Tills  main clinical and scientific focus lies on dermatosurgery, UV-related skin cancer (Melanoma and Non-Melanoma Skin cancer) and its surgical treatment. Till is lecturing on this topic as well as on the topic of pathophysiology and treatment of chronic wounds on national and international congresses. Despite being a dermatologist he is a stoked surfer and spends as much time as possible at his local spot the „Eisbach“ a stationary river wave in the heart of Munich or is travelling the world looking for good surf.

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