Lecture Sagres 2013 – Surf-Head: surfing as therapy

Greg Dillon is a psychiatrist specializing in General Psychiatry & Addiction, and a founder of Lower Fifth Psychiatric, a group practice in New York City.

Greg dillon copy

He is also a Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Public Health at the Weil Cornell Medical College and New York Presbyterian Hospital. In addition to his work as a pharmacologist and dynamic psychotherapist, Dr. Dillon has special interests in the uses of experiential therapy, particularly surfing, as a visceral and metamorphic point of access to intra-psychic processes.

He has written and lectured on his theories for Psychology Today, and is working on a book and seminar series called Surf-Head, exploring the lessons of surf and sea towards a better self understanding. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Samantha, daughter Reed, and son Clive.

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