Meet William H. “Bill” Jones PhD, who will give us an overview of public health initiatives linked to us by surfing

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Bill Jones is a retired Learning Disabilities Specialist, Counselor, Educator and Educational Diagnostician. He worked at Monterey Peninsula College and at California State University Monterey Bay in Monterey, California. Bill started as an elementary school teacher and has taught kindergarten to graduate school, as well as school administration.

Bill is dyslexic and has done many presentations and consulting in regards to dyslexia, learning styles, computer education for the disabled, staff development, community education and service learning. He has written numerous articles on learning and has worked as a consultant for Houghton-Mifflin, College Survival, Wadsworth, Teaching Resources, DLM and Hewlett-Packard.

Since 1987, Bill has worked as a volunteer doing Third World Optometry for Los Medicos Voladores (Flying Doctors), Rotary International Clinics, and the Surfer’s Medical Association. He has traveled extensively in Mexico and Central America, Indonesia and several Pacific Islands working in clinics and searching for the perfect wave. In retirement, he is the Executive Director of the Surfer’s Medical Association and is a surfing sports columnist for several central Californian newspapers.

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