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Over the last years we have seen a gradual increase in publications around Surfing Injuries, associated diseases and therapeutic use of the sport itself.

Find here a selection of the recent publications ranging from COVID-19, role of bystander rescue to surfer’s shoulder.

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River Survey Study

Little is known about the rate, and type of injuries that occur in river surfing. Hence, a survey was published, asking river surfers about their injuries. River surfing seems an injury prone sport, with a relevant number of surfers seeking medical attention.

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Systematic Review on Surfer’s Shoulder

Chronic shoulder complaints are frequently reported amongst surfers, however literature researching its pathophysiology and prevention is scarce.Here we performed a systematic review on kinematic analysis of the surf paddling movement. Mainly internal rotator muscles and shoulder flexion muscles are activated in.

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Surfing in COVID-19 Era

As Surf community we want to know how to protect ourselves and how to protect others, most of all how we can continue to Surf. While information is rapidly evolving, this narrative review aims to summarize available scientific evidence on COVID19 and surfing.

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Surfers and their role of bystander rescues

Coastal locations contribute significantly to global drowning, with surfers frequently conducting rescues. This study explored the characteristics of surfers as bystander rescuers in Europe. Surfers who had previously conducted rescues commonly had more years of experience, higher selfrated surf ability and greater likelihood of having received certified training. However, not all surfers who have performed rescues had received trainingsuggesting it would be good to organize CPR training for surfers.

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Surfers as aquatics rescuers in Portugal and Spain: Characteristics of rescues and resuscitation knowledge

The aim of this study was to analyze the rescues carried out by surfers from Portugal and Spain, their knowledge of rescue and resuscitation and their perception and risk behavior while surfing. An online survey was conducted in 2048 surfers from Portugal and Spain, with questions regarding the demographic characteristics, experience, perception and risk behavior of the surfers; rescues attended by the surfers and surfer’s knowledge and experience in rescue and resuscitation. 

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