World Conference 2019 – Abstract

The SMI would like to invite all participants to send their abstracts for short presentations to us at We challenge you to present your research or case report on Surfing Medicine and to win a fantastic prize for the best academic contribution to Surfing Medicine!

This year our science team will select out the best and most innovative research and invite them to take centre stage on the podium to share their work with the conference! So get your abstracts in to be in for the chance. The deadline for submissions is March 20th 2019.



2018-Abstract Winner

2018 – Shotaro Ishida

The winner of the abstract prize was Shotaro Ishida from the Department of Orthopedics at Miyazaki university, Japan. His research focused on the relationship between radiographic findings of lumbar spin instability and MRI findings for disc degeneration in pro surfers. He found there is a link between lumbar instability and disc degeneration. Further it seems that not only hyperextension of the lumbar spine (i.e. with paddling) but also flexing (during pop-up) affects the lumbar spine.