FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have collected the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers on the Advanced Surf Life Support™ course.

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What is the Advanced Surf Life Support course?
Who can take an ASLS course?
Why take an ASLS course?
What will be taught at the ASLS™ course?
How long does the ASLS certification last?
How do I get re-certified?
Will we surf?
Do you give surf lessons?
Do you provide surfboards?
Do you provide wetsuits?
Why don't you provide wetsuits?
I am a windsurfer. Is this a problem?
I am a kitesurfer. Is this a problem??
How should I prepare for the course?
How fit do I need to be before the course?
How do I become an instructor?
How do I host or license a course in my area?
Is there a time-table?
I plan to arrive a day later / depart a day earlier. Will I get the certificate?
If I fail the written or practical exam, will I get the certificate?
Is Saturday the last course day for departure only?
Is Sunday arrivals day only?
What if I can not attend the course after payment? Do you offer refund?
Can I bring my spouse/wife/family to the course?
I heard there is a closing party... !?

For any questions, comments, or concerns you may have in regard to the ASLS™ Course please do not hesitate to email us: ASLS@surfingmed.com 


Please note: Please note that the last ASLS course were fully booked months prior to the course’s start – so it advisable to book early. Secure yourself on of the remaining places NOW.


Dive into the unforgettable magic of previous ASLS™ courses with the videos of 2013 & 2014:

ASLS Course 2014:

ASLS Course 2013:


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