Advanced Surf Life Support

The next Advanced Surf Life Support™ course from 13. – 20.  May 2018 in Peniche, Portugal is up for registration. Get one of the limited places now:



Aim of the ASLS™ course

The Advanced Surf Life Support™ (ASLS) course has been custom-made to prepare and train health professionals in acute surfing medicine, to learn and master basic aquatic life saving rescue techniques, and wilderness medicine at remote surf locations.

Who can take an ASLS™ course?

The ASLS™ certification is appropriate for any licensed medical professional who has an interest in surfing and water activities. Medical professionals in training can take the ASLS™ depending on their stage of training. Our graduates include surfing enthusiasts, ship and expedition doctors, physiotherapists of national teams, medical personnel from pro surf events, big wave surfers and other water sport professionals, among others.

What to expect

The Advanced Surf Life Support™ will give you an intense 7-day-course in probably the most fun and intense way to up your surf relevant medical skills and expertise. This unique format will await you with daily hands-on workshops, practically orientated lectures and intense scenarios. Included in the course fee are:

  • All teaching materials
  • Digital course manual
  • Written & practical exams
  • Accommodation (7 nights included)
  • Daily lunch & coffee breaks
  • Welcome and closing party
  • … and much more

Next Course Dates

The next Advanced Surf Life Support™ course with free seats available:

13. – 20. May 2018

Peniche, Portugal
approx. 1.5hrs drive from Lisbon Intl. Airport



Knowledge to bring

To make the course as effective, efficient, and beneficial as possible, we need participants to study the literature beforehand. Further literature will be provided by us in sufficient time prior to the course. For more details please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Fitness to bring

The surf rescue training will be incredibly fun but also physically demanding. So you need to be in shape before the start of the course. The fitter you are, the more fun you will have while learning the rescue skills and saving people in the scenarios. For more details please see our Frequently Asked Questions.


The next Advanced Surf Life Support™ course from 13.05. – 20.05.2018 in Peniche, Portugal is up for registration. The places are limited. In the previous years the course has been fully booked months before the course. Are you up for an unforgettable week of hands-on workshops, practical training, full blown medical scenarios, heaps of fun and new friends? Get one of the limited places now:


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have collected the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers on the Advanced Surf Life Support™ course.

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What is the Advanced Surf Life Support course?
Who can take an ASLS course?
What is included in the Course Fee?
Why take an ASLS course?
What will be taught at the ASLS™ course?
How long does the ASLS certification last?
How do I get re-certified?
Will we surf?
Do you give surf lessons?
I am a windsurfer. Is this a problem?
I am a kitesurfer. Is this a problem??
How should I prepare for the course?
How fit do I need to be before the course?
How do I become an instructor?
How do I host or license a course in my area?
Do you provide surfboards?
Do you provide wetsuits?
Why don't you provide wetsuits?
Is there a time-table?
I plan to arrive a day later / depart a day earlier. Will I get the certificate?
If I fail the written or practical exam, will I get the certificate?
Is Saturday the last course day for departure only?
Is Sunday arrivals day only?
What if I cannot attend the course after payment? Do you offer refund?
Can I bring my spouse/wife/family to the course?
I heard there is a closing party... !?



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Terms and Conditions

By registering for the ASLS™ course you accept the Terms & Conditions – (PDF File for download:


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