Call for Abstracts – World Conference Surfing Medicine 2017

The SMI calls for research abstracts to be submitted for consideration as poster presentations at the upcoming 5th Annual Surfing Medicine Conference in Sagres, Portugal (4th-8th of October).

The SMI is in a continuous search for evidence based medicine in the area of Surfing Medicine. Our association encourages projects/studies that introduce new insights and results into this field. Should your abstract be accepted you will be invited to present your poster at the conference and share your knowledge



8th of September. Abstracts can be submitted at


Abstract submission details

How to submit an abstract for poster presentation

  1. Title: a concise title that captures the essence of the project
  2. Authors and affiliations
  3. Main Abstract

a. The abstract should follow the format of: ’Introduction’, Methods’, Results’, Discussion’ and ‘Conclusion’

  • Introduction: Outlining the question, review the problem, purpose of the study
  • Methods: Research design; setting; patients enrolled and selection procedure/inclusion-/exclusion criteria; specific methods of data collection, description of the intervention, outcome variables and explanation how these variables are measured, explanation of (statistical) analysis, statistical methods
  • Results: Report of the findings of the study based upon the methodology,
  • Discussion: state major findings, explanation of results, references to previous research, study limitations, suggestions further research perspectives,
  • Conclusion

b. The abstract may not exceed 400 words (excluding title, authors and affilitations)

Poster presentation

Selected authors will be informed about the lay-out/content of the poster presentation by email.



World Conference 2017

The “World Conference on Surfing Medicine” will take place in Sagres, Portugal from 4th – 8th October 2017. This is a state-of-the-art medical conference delivering premium academic content in an innovative and engaging format. It provides a scientific platform for surfing healthcare professionals, scientists, lifeguards, and other key players across the global surf community. The annual surfing medicine conference has run since 2012 and has seen speakers and participants from all around the globe.